Picture of Volvo Penta 1 Barrel Solex 44PA1 marine carburetor

Volvo Penta 1bbl Solex 44PA1 from flyingfishcarburetors.com

Picture of Volvo Penta engine with 2 Solex marine carburetors
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Volvo Penta 1 barrel Solex 44PA1

The Volvo Penta 1 barrel Solex 44PA1 marine carburetor that you have chosen has the following variations. To ensure the correct carburetor for your marine application please enter all the required information about your carburetor and boat in the text boxes below and then click the Buy Now button to place your order.

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Picture of location of carburetor number on Volvo Penta Solex 44PA1
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The number 61186 in the black oval is the casting number on the 44 PA1 carburetor. This number is always the same. The number stamped on the top of the caburetor in the yellow circle is the caburetor number we need.
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Serving our valued customers for over 40 years. We use only new parts, and the carburetor is coated with a long lasting Aluminum Oxide finish and then coated with black lacquer paint for extra protection. Delivering you a completely tested, calibrated, and idle adjusted carburetor. Our marine carburetors are ready for easy installation and come with a complete one year warranty.
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We pay for you to return the old core from anywhere in the continental United States. The carburetor comes with a FREE UPS return shipping label. Repack your core in the box that your carburetor came in, adhere the UPS label, and give to any UPS driver or bring it to any UPS drop box.

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