Picture of Y40-2E Rochester Quadrajet marine carburetor with electric choke

Y40-2E Rochester Quadrajet marine caburetor with electric choke for OMC 8 cylinder

Picture of Y40-2E Rochester Quadrajet marine carburetor with throttle linkage
Click picture for close up view

Remanufactured OMC Rochester Quadrajet
with Electric Choke

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OMC V8 I/Os and Inboards

5.0 Liter (305 CID) I/O
5.0 Liter (305 CID) GM
230 800 Series
305 CID CI Inboard

350 CID 5.7L Inboard
350 574APEPWS
260 800 Series
5.7 Liter 350 CID
This Electric Choke Rochester Marine Quadrajet Carburetor is a direct replacement for our Y40-2 OMC Remote Choke Rochester Quadrajet. To go back to the Y40-2 page click here.
OMC Y40-2E Remanufactured Marine Four Barrel Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor with electric choke like pictured above (Click Picture for close up view). Please include your carburetor number, engine size, and boat information to ensure we deliver the same marine carburetor for your engine/boat including single and twin engine applications. Below is a picture showing the location of the carburetor number. Your marine carburetor will be flow tested, calibrated and idle adjusted and be ready for easy installation.

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Picture of Y40-2E Rochester Quadrajet marine carburetor with location of carburetor number
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OMC linkage cable hooks to the carburetor on the bottom of carburetor linkage. Carburetors where the throttle linkage hooks on the bottom can bolt either directly into the carb linkage or have an add on bracket or have a similar bracket that bolts to the top and bottom of the carb linkage.
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Picture of Y40-2E Rochester Quadrajet marine carburetor showing how throttle linkage hooks on bottom
  Click picture for close up view
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Serving our valued customers for over 40 years. We use only new parts and the carburetor is coated with a long lasting Aluminum Oxide finish and then coated with black lacquer paint for extra protection. Delivering you a completely tested, calibrated, and idle adjusted carburetor. Our remanufactured marine carburetors are ready for easy installation and come with a complete one year warranty.

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