Picture of Y39-4 2 barrel Rochester 17057132 marine carburetor with choke on top and two idle mixture screws

Y39-4 two barrel Rochester 17057132for MerCruiser 470 I4

Picture of Y39-4 2 barrel Rochester 17057132 marine carburetor showing throttle linkage
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MerCruiser Two Barrel Rochester Y39-4

3.7Liter470/4854 Cylinder
This remanufactured marine carburetor is a "OEM" original two barrel Rochester marine carburetor.

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Your marine carburetor will be flow tested, calibrated and idle adjusted and be ready for easy installation.

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Most common carburetor numbers for this Rochester marine carburetor, but not limited to:
1376 5990A-1
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Picture of Y39-4 2 barrel Rochester 17057132 marine carburetor with location of carburetor number
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Serving our valued customers for over 40 years. We use only new parts and the carburetor is coated with a long lasting Aluminum Oxide finish and then coated with black lacquer paint for extra protection. Delivering you a completely tested, calibrated, and idle adjusted carburetor. Our marine carburetors are ready for easy installation and come with a complete one year warranty.
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