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This Conversion unit mounts on your intake manifold, in place of the Remote Choke Assembly, and only requires a keyed 12 volt power source and a ground connection. This conversion kit solves both cold starting and clogged heat passage problems.
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"In Layman's Terms"

Note: When removing old non-electric choke assembly take care NOT to over torque the bolt when removing it. The bolt is of substantial size, but the bolt does have a tendency to break off.

Our recommendation, if the bolt does not want to turn (loosen), is to follow these steps:

(1). Soak bolt with Liquid Wrench or an equivalent product
(2). Tap the bolt to setup vibrations and then walk away and let bolt soak for 5 minutes.
(3). Try to loosen bolt.
(4). Try to tighten bolt slightly (this is a trick to try to break a frozen bolt loose).
(5). Try again to loosen the bolt.

If the bolt does NOT come loose, repeat steps 1 through 5 and make sure you give the Liquid Wrench time to penetrate the bolt and bolt hole.


Carburetor remains the same and linkage hooks to the same place.
Click picture for close up view
Click picture for close up view
Additional Comments:

Note: Depending on year of vessel, the linkage that attaches to the marine carburetor might have to be bent to adjust for your application. The optimum setting is for the choke to be lightly closed or almost closed all the way when the engine is cold. In some cases the linkage from the old choke assembly might need to be used.

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